Floor Plans

Key to a smooth, stress-free move! 

A floor plan keeps moving costs within the mover’s estimate. Movers charge by the hour, and the clock is running on moving day if you have the furniture placed in multiple locations before settling on what works best.

A good floor plan is key to a smooth, stress-free move. Learn tips for creating a clear plan. 

Preparation for Floor Plan :
  • Measure all walls, windows and closets
  • Include any items existing on walls, heating, vents, electric panels, controls, etc.
  • Note electrical and cable outlets
  • Note floor covering; rug, wood, or laminate
  • Note door swings/door types if not standard
Measure Furniture for New Home :
  • Take photos of all furniture pieces for new floor plan
  • Enter the dimensions into furniture inventory list
  • Make note of item, width, depth, height, color, and any specific instructions
Final Step :
  • Create floor plan with options

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